A History of the World

_Before we begin the true history of Alannon and Galvannon, there are three misconceptions I must eliminate:

1) The Wizard Wars were a single event, culminating in the Battle of the Mountains. The truth is that the era the Yeomen call ‘The Wizard Wars’ were the period from the Rise of Nations under the control of the Necromancer Lords to the rise of the Ala.

2) The Alannon and Galvannon were unified governments. The truth is that the Ala and Galva were collective assemblies of local Barons, Viscounts, and Petty Kings who all controlled their own lands.

3) The Galva gave the Ala their equipment to contain the Last Necromancer Lord. The truth is far more sinister, and may give some clue to the war we find ourselves in today…

-Damien Falwrath, First Book of the Living. 310 Ala Court._


  • -30000 AC, Approximation of the Birth of Man.
  • -5000 AC, Approximation of the Birth of Magic.
  • -1000 AC, Approximation of the Book of Havaster. The Necromancer Lords have risen across the Two Empires.
  • -482 AC, Agnes Galva stabs Havaster, she is given the Gift of Melora to free the people of Gien.
  • -388 AC, Agnes Galva leaves to free more slaves, never to be seen again. Soon after the Gien fall to Havaster’s Lich.
  • -200 AC, Approximation of the formation of the Galva Court, guerrilla rebellions begin across the Two Empires.
  • -164 AC, Havaster’s Phylactery is destroyed, Kord names the warriors the Knights of the Thunder Shield.
  • -94 AC, First pitched battle in history, the Battle of the Iceflank. The Galva are defeated.
  • 0 AC, The Galva, spread too thin, split into the Galva and the Ala to localise power and more efficiently fight the Necromancers. This split is completely amiable.
  • 286 AC, The Ala burn the Tower at Highpeak, ending the Wizard Wars. They keep the Phylactery of Maferath to torture him indefinitely. The Galva denounce the action.
  • 302 AC, The Galva confirm that Maferath is the last remaining Lich. They demand the Ala destroy him. The Ala refuse and the Galva rally an army of 40000 soldier. The Ala see this as an act of war and begin to form their own army. The Ala rally their own force of 56000 and march south to meet the Galva forces.
  • 304 AC, the Ala complete the Battle Highway that allows their reinforcements to come in faster. The Ala begin to win.
  • 311 AC, the Galva deploy the world’s first Artificers into battle. They use explosives to destroy the Battle Highway and push into the Alannon.
  • 315 AC, The Ala navy lands near Gien, they bypass the city and burn the inlands. The Galva forces retreat to fend off the invaders.
  • 318 AC, The Ala and Galva forces meet near the Central Mountains. The Ala are defeated but the Galva loose too many troops to maintain control of their lands.
  • 350 AC, The Galva Court officially disbands. The Knights of the Thunder Shield assume governance in the Northlands.

The Situation Today

While the Galva and Ala Courts ruled the lands, minor nobility have risen to fill the necessity for local governance. Many towns have nobility but the majority of the wild-lands are ungoverned. The majority of farmlands are abandoned, however the governments control some farms to keep everyone alive…in a good year.

A History of the World

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